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About the Institute Diakrisis

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The Institute Diakrisis has been founded in Gomaringen near Tübingen in 1997. However its tasks were done already since long time ago. This happened partly under the roof of the University Departement for Mission Studies and Ecumenical Theology in Tübingen which chair was held by Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus at this time since 1966.

Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus then became director of the new founded Institute Diakrisis. Alternate director is Prof. Dr. Dr. Horst W. Beck.

Responsible Body

The International Christian Network (ICN) is the responsible body for deciding, controlling and organising the institute's operation and activities, as well as for setting the standards to achieve aims and goals.

Beliefs and Confessions

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, written without error and preserved for our instruction. This Word of God as well as the common confession of the apostolic faith and the  statement of faith by the World Evangelical Alliance (WEC) are the foundation of our work.

Advisory Board

The work of the institute is supported and supervised considerably by the scientific advisory board. The board meets for a joint session annually during which the advisors deal with important subject matters, plan new projects and prepare - as regards content - the annual theological conventions.

Members of the board are:

Beyerhaus, Prof. Dr.
Beck, Prof. Dr. Dr. Horst
Affeld, Pastor Burghard
Baier, Pfr. Dr. Martin
Bierlein, Prof. Dr. Dieter
Bürgener, Pastor Karsten
Bürkle, Prof. Dr. Horst
Cochlovius, Pastor Dr. Joachim
Düren, Dr. Peter C.
Düsing, Prof. Dr. Edith
Hauser, KR Albrecht
Holland, Rosmarie
Kemmether, Pfr. Peter
Kerling, OStR Mag. Wilfried
Killus, Drs. Dorothea
Leisenberg, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang
Nestele, Pfr. Ernst
Neuer, Dozent Dr. Werner
Neumann, Pastor Dr. Horst
Rüß, Pastor Ulrich
Sauerzapf, KR Dr. Rolf
Scheffbuch , Prälat Rolf
Schieser, Prof. Dr. Hans
Schlichting, Pfr. Wolfhart
Schlicksupp, Jürgen
Schröter, Pastor Kai Uwe
Schmidt, Prof. Dr. Günther Rudolf
Späth, OStR Andreas
roeger, Pfr. Eberhard
Volkmann, Prof. Dr. Bodo
Wißman, Pfr. Andreas

Korrespondierende Mitglieder:

Bennetzen, Pastor Erik
Bloom, Ds. Paul
Hove, Odd Sverre, Chefredakteur
Kuiper, Ds. Dr. Martin
Kurg, Pastor Ingmar
Leuenberger, Prof. Dr. Samuel
Motschmann, Prof. Dr. Klaus
Poetsch, Pastor Drs. Hans-Lutz
Satke, Pfr. Jan
Sauer, Dr. Christof
Scarborough, Dorothea
Schirrmacher, Prof. Dr. Dr. Thomas
Vokoun, Pfr. Dr. Jaroslav
Wiberg, Studienrat Erik
Zehnder, Prof. Dr. Markus


The Institute exists substantially on donation basis and the membership fees of supporting organisations as well as private people who identify themselves with the goals of the institute. We receive occasional donations as well as membership fees. Sustaining members pay an annual fee of EURO 12,00. Sustaining members also receive our quartlerly periodical "Diakrisis" (as far as the are able to read and understand German since the periodical is written only in German). Being politically independent we do not accept support from any government or political body.

For Donations

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