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Europe Cuts Itself off from Christian Roots. Ecumenical Confessing Convention Calls for Re-Evangelization.

Europe is cutting itself off from its Christian roots. This has resulted in a continuing moral and spiritual decline. Conservative Christians from different churches and denominations have deplored the lack of Christian charity, the break-up of families and declining birth rates in Europe.

Widespread tax fraud, homosexual practice and increasing numbers of abortions are also indications of a cultural and moral decline, declared 150 participants from eight nations at the first Ecumenical Confessing Convention.

The consultation took place in Freudenstadt, Germany, and was jointly organized by the evangelical International Conference of Confessing Fellowships and the Roman Catholic Gustav Siewerth Academy. Under the leadership of German missiologist Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus participants issued a Freudenstadt Declaration.

They warned against a massive influx of radical Islamic movements intent on establishing a dictatorial theocracy. Only a return to Europe's spiritual roots, especially the Christian faith, could prevent the continent from sliding back to barbaric times.

According to the conference Europeans are too reluctant to put up resistance against such tendencies. The Christian faith was losing its public relevance. Many politicians refused to exercise their office in responsibility before God.

The future European constitution was lacking in this very respect. It needed a re-draught with a refrence to God along the lines of the Polish and the German constitution.

The conference also called for renewed efforts to re-evangelize the continent. The "true followers of Jesus" from all confessions and denominations should unite in a new "confessing ecumenical movement".
idea No. 11/12 2004