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Information about the periodical DIAKRISIS

Our periodical DIAKRISIS (in German language) is published four times a year in an current edition of about 2500 copies since 1979.
The International Christian Network (ICN) is Editor of the periodical.
Responsible for the editorship of the periodical are Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus and Prof. Dr. Dr. Horst W. Beck.

The debate with ideologies and spiritual currents in church and secular realm as well as the spiritual judgement of these spiritual currents is the main issue of the periodical DIAKRISIS.

Furthermore the periodical DIAKRISIS provides information about important events and people within the confessing Christianity and wants to serve a spiritual renewal and the assembly of the truly confessing church.

In case you understand German and want to subscribe to our periodical DIAKRISIS you can do this here.