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International Christian Network (ICN)

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Foundation and History

By the world-wide echo on the The Frankfurt Declaration we came in connection with numerous Christians in many countries of the earth. These contacts worked satisfactorily with the international development of the Berlin Declaration on Ecumenism 1974, in which likeminded theologians of different denominations participated. The "Berlin Declaration on Ecumenism" included an appeal to "unite in a world-wide fellowship of faith, prayer, and witness".

From 4th to 6th July 1978 twenty leaders of confessing communities from the UK, North-Ireland, the Netherlands, Germany, the USA, Simbabwe (former Rhodesia), South Africa and New Zealand met and discussed how to practically answer this appeal.

The assembly decided to build up an "International Christian Network" to promote the exchange of important News and information between the confessing communities and churches throughout the world.

They appointed an interim committee with seven members to start the work. In October 1978 the Baptist theologe David Kingdom became the first leader of the executive branch and started the work in his office in London.
In February 1980 the interim committee met again to pass the constitution of ICN. From now on an executive committee with four members in collaboration with an international committee of sixteen appointed members were responsible for further developement of the International Christian Network and its work.

The Evangelical theologian Professor Dr. Peter Beyerhaus became affirmed as chairman. The Anglican theologian Matthew Calder (New Zealand,
† 1982) became his representative. New leader of the executive branch till 1980 became the Methodist theologian Dr. John Mitchell (Oxford, UK).

ICN today

Current honorary chairman of ICN is the retired Austrian bishop Dr. h.c. Oskar Sakrausky. The current chairman of International Christian Network is Prof. Dr. Peter Beyerhaus and his representative is Prof. Dr. Dr.   . Secretary of ICN is Dr. Werner Neuer and Reverend Dr. Horst Neumann (Director of the "Lutheran Hour" [Lutherische Stunde]) is the current treasurer. These five build the executive board of ICN.

Members of the International Christian Network come from as many countries as there are the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, South Africa, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Danmark, Estonia, Korea, India, Romania, North-Ireland, the Switzerland, the US of America and Germany. There are corporate and individual members.
The members of International Christian Network are connected by the periodical DIAKRISIS, through the yearly conferences, the theological declarations of ICN and through lecture tours of some of the members.
ICN doesn't want to be seen as centralized organisation. It understands itself as a rather spiritual union of independent national confessing movements from different countries.


The members of ICN accept the authority of the Word of God set forth in the Holy Scripture of the Old and New Testaments as normative for their faith and life.

With the Apostolic and Nicene Creeds, they confess the triune God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

They pledge themselves faithfully to the specific doctrinal standards of their own confessional traditions. Without detriment to their loyalty to them, and without regarding the existing doctrinal differences as unessential, they endeavour together with professing Christians in other churches to defend the threatened apostolic heritage which they have in common.

Tasks and Aims

  • To offer encouragement in the present spiritual fight by promoting genuine Christian fellowship rooted in the Biblical Faith.
  • To unmask the antichristian nature and pseudobiblical claims of certain present day trends; to oppose theological rationalism, modernism, Marxism, false ecumenism, syncretism, and pseudo-charismatic spirituality, and to awaken the churches of the world to these dangers.
  • To promote research into movements of thought which threaten the historic Christian Faith.
  • To provide information that can be used in the present struggle.
  • To make occasional public statements where the Faith of the Church of Jesus Christ ist threatened.
  • To support truly Christian activity which by word and deed proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all nations.
  • To establish a communications media to promote the objectives of ICN and to use the secular media wherever possible to convey the biblical message.


ICN is supported by membership fees, donations and services rendered. Being a politically independent organization, ICN does not accept support from any government or political body.

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